Author guidelines

Manuscript format

  • Manuscripts in American English - perhaps you want to check out the free Grammarly
  • Include line numbers in the Word document
  • Manuscript template can be downloaded here.

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  • For conduct and reporting recommendations, authors should follow the Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals' by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) (see The Vancouver Protocol).
  • The manuscript submitted at BEC should be available Open Access posted as a preprint, with the possibility of sending it to the MitoFit Preprints at the time of BEC submission.
  • Authors submit the manuscript to BEC Open Peer Review. By submitting the manuscript, the corresponding author declares (1) responsibility for the content, (2) consent of all co-authors, (3) having performed the experimental work in accordance with the ethical standards for research particularly when using humans or animals, and (4) appropriate declarations of conflicts of interest. The authors will also suggest one or two Associate Editors and three reviewers, avoiding any conflict of interest.

Living Communications

From preprint to publication

  • The preprint is part of a stepwise process:
  1. MitoFit Preprints is the fast lane of Open Access communication without peer review. Authors should indicate if the submission to Bioenergetics Communications shall be published as a preprint in the MitoFit Preprints.
  2. The manuscript is immediately delegated to our Associate Editors or Section Editors and checked for suitability for publishing in both MitoFit Preprints and Bioenergetics Communications
  3. Communication with the authors to plan the non-anonymous Open Peer Review with authors suggesting up to three reviewers.

BEC versions

» For details see: Living Communications

Open Peer Review

From MitoFit Preprint to Open Peer Review is standard for BEC. We accept an opt out option from an author when presented with a reasonable explanation. Further clarification may be requested. The editorial board may choose not to accept the explanation and potentially reject the manuscript (not the preprint).

BEC formats

  • Regular communications (over 3 000 words)
  • Short communications (under 3 000 words)

Several types of communications and short communications are accepted, see Manuscript types.