Editorial Team

BEC editors

Editor-in-chief: Gnaiger Erich
Co-editor-in-chief: Cardoso Luiza HD
Managing editor: Tindle-Solomon Lisa
Managing co-editor: Beno Marija
Graphics editor: Cocco Paolo

The editor-in-chief, assisted by the co-editor-in-chief, directs the overall strategy of the journal and acts as an ambassador for the journal. The managing editors coordinate the workflow between editors, reviewers and authors.

Executive editors

The executive editors collaborate with the editor-in-chief and co-editor-in-chief to effectively direct the overall strategy of the journal as the executive team. Major decisions for the journal are taken by the executive team. Executive editors are consulted by the editor when major decisions must be taken. In collaboration with the associate editors, they are involved as manuscript editors. Number of editorial assignments indicated in brackets.

Chinopoulos Christos - HU | Keywords: cancer, substrate-level phosphorylation (1)
Garcia-Roves Pablo Miguel - ES | Keywords: diabetes, exercise, integrative physiology, nutrition, obesity (2)
Kowaltowski Alicia J - BR | Keywords: mitochondrial calcium transport, mitochondrial potassium transport, reactive oxygen species, redox (1)

BEC Ambassadors

The BEC Ambassadors actively promote the journal in their networks and on social media platforms.

Donnelly Chris - CH | BEC Twitter account management

Associate editors

The associate editors act as manuscript editors to oversee the review process for submitted manuscripts. The associate editors are consulted occasionally by the executive team on major decisions. Number of editorial assignments indicated in brackets.

Acuna-Castroviejo Dario - ES | Keywords: aging, cancer, melatonin, neurodegeneration, neuroprotection, sepsis 
Ali Sameh S - EG | Keywords: aging, cancer, membrane biophysics, reactive oxygen species, redox (1)
Battino Maurizio - IT | Keywords: aging, apoptosis, autophagy, coenzyme Q, nutrition
Bishop David J - AU | Keywords: exercise, humans, skeletal muscle, training 
Bustos Matilde - ES | Keywords: metabolic disorders, mitochondrial stress
Cecatto Cristiane - AT | Keywords: calcium, metabolic disorders, permeability transition pore
Chabi Beatrice - FR | Keywords: aging, mitochondria-associated membranes (MAM), protein synthesis, sirtuins, skeletal muscle (1)
Chakrabarti Lisa - UK | Keywords: ageing, brain, exercise, muscle, neurodegeneration, proteomics
Chakrabarti Sasanka - IN | Keywords: neurodegeneration, oxidative stress, signaling (1)
Cervinkova Zuzana - CZ | Keywords: aging, lipid metabolism, liver, metabolic disorders
De Pinto Vito - IT | Keywords: electrophysiology, outer mitochondrial membrane, reactive oxygen species, VDAC (1)
Galina Antonio - BR | Keywords: animal models, cell models, neurobiology, plant models
Grings Mateus - AT | Keywords: brain,  metabolic disorders, neurodegeneration, oxidative stress (1)
Iyer Shilpa - US | Keywords: F1FO-ATPase, metabolites, mitochondrial diseases, mitochondria dynamics, mtDNA, stem cells (1)
Kaambre Tuuli - EE | Keywords: cancer, mitochondrial diseases, neurodegeneration (1)
Keller Markus A - AT
Komlodi Timea - HU | coenzyme Q, reactive oxygen species (1)
Koopman Werner JH - NL | Keywords: intervention, mitochondrial diseases, mitochondrial morphofunction, quantitative microscopy, redox 
Krako Jakovljevic Nina - RS | Keywords: cell models, diabetes, metabolic disorders,  neurodegeneration, signaling
Larsen Steen - DK | Keywords: exercise, humans, lipid metabolism, skeletal muscle
McMillan Duncan GG - NL | Keywords: cytochromes, dehydrogenases, F1FO-ATPase, lipid metabolism, quinones, redox
Messina Angela - IT | Keywords: neurodegeneration, VDAC
Moisoi Nicoleta - UK | Keywords: animal models, cell models, mitochondria-nucleus crosstalk, neurodegeneration, signaling (1)
Molina Anthony JA - US | Keywords: aging, Alzheimer’s, frailty, mitochondrial diseases
Moreno-Sanchez Rafael - MX | Keywords: calcium, cancer, enzyme kinetics, glycolysis,  reactive oxygen species, TCA cycle
Morosinotto Tomas - IT | Keywords: algae, chloroplast, photoprotection, photosynthesis
Murray Andrew James - UK | Keywords: heart, hypoxia, metabolic disorders, muscle (1)
Nesci Salvatore - IT | Keywords: F1FO-ATPase, permeability transition pore, supercomplexes
Oliveira Marcus F - BR | Keywords: aging, immune response, infection, insects, reactive oxygen species, stress (2)
Orynbayeva Zulfiya - US | Keywords: cancer, neurodegeneration (1)
Patel Hemal H - US | Keywords: aging, autophagy, cancer, diabetes, heart, lipid metabolism, membrane biophysics, neurodegeneration
Place Nicolas - CH | Keywords: calcium, exercise, skeletal muscle
Roach Thomas - AT
Schlattner Uwe - FR | Keywords: AMPK, creatine kinase, energy homeostasis, mitochondrial stress, NME/NDPK, signaling
Schmitt Sabine - AT | Keywords: contact sites, mitochondrial isolation, proton flux (1)
Sharma Pushpa - US | Keywords: biomarkers, brain, mitochondrial diseases, multiorgan failure
Silber Ariel M - BR | Keywords: amino acid metabolism, kinetoplastid metabolism, nutritional stress, parasitology, redox stress
Spinazzi Marco - FR | Keywords: neurodegeneration, neurological disorders, brain, muscle
Stiban Johnny - PS | Keywords: apoptosis, mtDNA, sphingolipids (1)
Treberg Jason R - CA | Keywords: comparative energetics, electron leak, hydrogen peroxide, reactive oxygen species
Tretter Laszlo - HU | Keywords: neurodegeneration, oxoglutarate dehydrogenases, reactive oxygen species, TCA cycle (1)
Val Adalberto L - BR
Viscomi Carlo - IT | Keywords: adeno-associated viral vectors, mitochondrial diseases, mtDNA, skeletal muscle
Wei Yau-Huei - TW | Keywords: iPSC, metabolic reprogramming,  mitochondrial diseases, mtDNA, oxidative stress, stem cells
Weinberger Klaus M - DE | Keywords: cancer, diabetes, diagnostics, exercise, metabolic syndrome, metabolomics
Zorzano Antonio - ES | Keywords: aging, metabolic disorders, mitochondria-organelle contacts, mitophagy
Žurmanová Jitka - CZ

Assistant editors

Early Career Investigators are invited by BEC Associate editors to join as 'Assistant editors' as part of the MitoEAGLE mentoring concept. The executive and associate editors are responsible for involving the invited assistant editors in the editorial activities. The assistant editors collaborate with their mentors as reviewers.


Beleza Jorge - PT | Keywords: exercise, hypoxia, mitochondrial dynamics, mitochondrial quality control, permeabilized muscle fibers
Fernandez-Ortiz Marisol - ES | Keywords: aging, heart, mouse, NLRP3 inflammasome
Magrí Andrea - ES | Keywords: alpha-synuclein, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, mitochondrial dysfunction, porin, VDAC
Zdrazilova Lucie - CZ | Keywords: comparative bioenergetics, human fibroblasts, metabolic disorders
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