Kinase perturbations redirect mitochondrial function




kinases, mitochondria, kinase inhibitors, cancer, drug off-target effects, signaling


Protein kinases take the center stage in numerous signaling pathways by phosphorylating compartmentalized protein substrates for controlling cell proliferation, cell cycle and metabolism. Kinase dysfunctions have been linked to numerous human diseases such as cancer. This has led to the development of kinase inhibitors which aim to target oncogenic kinase activities. The specificity of the cancer blockers depends on the range of targeted kinases. Therefore, the question arises of how cell-type-specific off-target effects impair the specificities of cancer drugs. Blockade of kinase activities has been shown to converge on the energetic organelle, the mitochondria. In this review, we highlight examples of selected major kinases that impact mitochondrial signaling. Further, we discuss pharmacological strategies to target kinase activities linked to cancer progression and redirecting mitochondrial function. Finally, we propose that cell-based recordings of mitochondrial bioenergetic states might predict off-target or identify specific on-target effects of kinase inhibitors.


Torres-Quesada O, Strich S, Stefan E (2022) Kinase perturbations redirect mitochondrial function in cancer. BEC 2022.13.





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